The latest issue of FutureAge Magazine highlights the role and increasing potential of new technologies in aged care.  Below, editor Gene Mitchell highlights some of the most interesting articles on this edition:

  • “Adaptive Technologies Are Improving the Lives of Seniors” (p. 8 ) [shows how]technology can overcome isolation among seniors living in their own homes, offer them better services, and bring peace of mind to distant family members.
  • “Technology as Transformation” (p. 14) shows how adoption of technology changes organizations in attitude and operations.
  • “Providers Gain Ground in Health Information Exchange Initiatives” (p. 20) and “We Must Catch the HIT Train” (p. 26) tell us why we must work to understand and be part of electronic health information systems systems.
  • “Strategic Planning for T echnology” (p. 28), allows readers to  learn why technology implementations of all kinds must be planned with as much care as an organization’s board would bring to organizational strategic planning.
  • “Palliative C are for Advanced Dementia” (p. 32) and “Learn and C reate: Educational C rafting for the C ognitively Impaired” (p. 42) show how providers are finding new ways to serve cognitively impaired seniors.

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