In celebration of the start of 2011, IAHSA wants to share with you what became one of the most popular ageing stories of 2010, but which was one that we did not have the opportunity to share.  Frederika Goldberger is a 91-year-old Hungarian immigrant who has been living in Paris  since the fall of the iron curtain.  During the Second World War, she risked her own life by “hiding the Jewish people she knew, moving them around to different places every day.”  Yet, despite her earlier success, her grandson, French photographer Sacha Goldberger, noticed that “Frederika [was] feeling lonely and depressed”.  To cheer her up, Sacha suggested that Frederika pose for a series of photographs, resulting in the creation of Super Mamika, or “Super Grandmother” in Hungarian.

According to My Modern Met, Frederika has not stopped smiling since the photo shoot and has come to realize that “her story convey[s] a message of hope and joy”.  The shoot was so successful that Frederika now has her own MySpace account, where she shares her latest pictures and thoughts, and has become the centerpiece of Sacha’s website. We are including some of the best pictures of the Super Mamika shoot below, but take some time to explore the full shoot and more recent photos of Frederika through the links below.

See the full Super Mamika photo shoot here.

Visit Frederika’s MySpace page.