January in Switzerland is as I expected it to be – snowy, cold and bright blue.  It is also currently the site of two very important events: The World Economic Forum in Davos and the biennial Congress of CURAVIVA, the premier aged care leadership organization in Switzerland, and one of the most influential in Europe. The Congress, held in the beautiful city of Basel, focuses on ageing, the most important demographic event of the 21st century and one that surely will have a profound effect on the global economy.

On Tuesday, I had the chance to meet with the staff of CURAVIVA at their office in Berne to discuss the major issues facing their providers. The similarity of challenges and opportunities facing IAHSA members around the world are striking, but one common theme rose above the rest – the quest to ensure quality of care for the elders that we all serve. CURAVIVA’s commitment to quality is defined by the creation of a quality framework to act as a guide for quality improvement in their facilities. Closely aligned with IAHSA’s Quality Movement program, CURAVIVA’s Quality of Life in a Home serves as a model for provider groups around the world.

The Congress officially begins tomorrow – the CURAVIVA staff is expecting over 1,200 attendees, a tribute to the importance of the ageing issue in Europe and the excellent program prepared by IAHSA’s Swiss Chapter.

Stay tuned for more reports from Switzerland.

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