Britain’s Changing Places Consortium has launched a campaign promoting better bathrooms for disabled populations.   While most public bathrooms in the United Kingdom are designed to be accessible, the consortium highlights the fact that existing accessible bathrooms do not adequately meet the needs of all people with a disabilities – or their carers.   As a result, they have created new bathroom design standards that seek to provide additional equipment, space, and materials that allow public bathrooms to better serve the disabled.  Bathrooms that meet those standards are allowed to use changing spaces campaign symbol.  The campaign has had several high-profile successes and the newly-designed bathrooms are now featured in buildings such as London City Hall, the Tate Modern Museum, Belfast City Airport, and the Scottish Parliament Building.

A Picture of the new Changing Places bathroom at the Edinburgh IKEA is included below.  Share your thoughts on this initiative with IAHSA.  Are their similar initiatives in your community?  Do you know of someone who would benefit from these public bathrooms?




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