A new study released today reveals a number of interesting  French attitudes on ageing and retirement.   Among these attitudes is the fact the French define “old” depending on their own age group.  As an example, the study points to 69 as being the average age identified by the French as the point in which one begins to become old.  However, this number rises to 77, for those aged over 65; and is then is reduced to 42 by those under 35.

The study also finds that 70% of French citizens believe that the key to ageing well is good health.  However, it also finds that while many can point to factors that can lead to good health, such as a balanced diet, and exercise, 62% of them believe that it is difficult to age well due to the  challenge of needing to balance a number of economic, health, sanitary and social factors to achieve and maintain good health.  In fact, 33% of French were found to believe that they lacked the needed savings to have access to the best practices to maintaining good health.

The report has other curious findings. 89% believe that one can age well naturally, while only 11% believed that surgery or other beauty treatments were necessary.  It also found that 29% of French Women identify Line Renaud as epitomizing “ageing well.”  23% of men, on the other hand, identified Clint Eastwood.

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