In 2008, Spanish cartoonist Paco Roca released his comic “Arrugas” (Spanish for wrinkles), a graphic novel about effects of ageing and Alzheimer’s.  His work earned him Spain’s “Graphic Novel of the Year Award” in 2008 and sparked debates about how to best care for the elderly.

Arrugas intoduces us to Emilio, a former bank director, as he enters a retirement home where, “life barely happens with objective or illusions, where a bunch of seniors simply spend their last days away from their loved ones.”  Through him and through the other residents in Emilio’s community, the reader learns about the realities of adjusting to life in a nursing home.  According to Metrópolis Libros, the story tells us the resident’s “miseries, cheats, attempts to fool their doctors and nurses” as well as “the way they interact with one another … their humour, revelry, nonconformity and idealism,” all of which “transports the reader to the soul of each of the seniors.”  In the nursing home, Emilio eventually discovers that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  His diagnosis then allows reader to follow him through his treatment and his efforts to avoid  being moved to the community’s second floor, where the residents believe that life simply comes to an end.

Arrugas will be released as a full motion picture this fall, under the title Wrinkles.  Take a few seconds to view the trailer, which was released last week, and share your thoughts with IAHSA.



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