Care Malta chief executive Natalie Briffa Farrugia Photo: Jason Borg

The Times of Malta recently interviewed Natalie Briffa Farrugia, Chief Executive of IAHSA member Care Malta.  In her interview Ms. Briffa Farrugi spoke about the organization’s efforts to integrate technology that allows older people to live in the community for longer and about it future strategies.

In the article, Ms Briffa Farrugi explained Care Malta’s long-term vision to evolve into a one-stop shop for elderly services, that go beyond the management of residential and nursing homes.  One of the new services  provided by Care Malta “is the introduction to the island of hand-held devices, similar to those in use in the US, which will allow elderly people to monitor different aspects of their health at home.”  She explains that through the service “[p]eople will be able to relay information relating to their blood pressure or cholesterol, for instance, to health providers and they will be contacted if there are concerns”  She added that “the concept is similar to mobile text messaging. It will give people peace of mind – many people move into care simply because they are afraid of what might happen.” “The idea is to postpone the elderly’s entry into care as much as possible,” Ms Briffa Farrugia explained.

Ms Briffa Farrugi also discussed how these services will help address the challenges that lie ahead for ageing services in Malta.  She stressed that “an aging population will lead to a growth in dependency levels.”  As a result, “Malta will not be able to provide beds for all who request one”.  Thus, “initiatives which prolong the elderly’s independence contribute to ensuring that beds are allocated to priority applicants or patients.”

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