Lászlo Andor, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, released the European Union’s Third Demography Report on April 1st.   The report aims to provide the latest facts and figures needed for an informed debate on the demographic challenges faced by the EU and its member states.

The report highlights several interesting findings for ageing in Europe.  First, it confirms that ” Europeans are living longer and healthier lives” and that “the structure of Europe’s population is continuing to change with the number of over 60s in the EU is growing by 2 million each year.”  The report also found “a slight increase in fertility rates,” noting that Ireland, France, the United Kingdom and Sweden had the highest fertility rates of the 27 members.  Additionally, the report noted”an increase in life expectancy where, on average, Europeans are now living two to three months longer for every year.” Lastly, the report found that “having reached the age of 65, women in the EU27 could expect to live an additional 20.7 years and men an additional 17.2 years” and that the longest life expectancy for European seniors at age 65 are found in France and Spain.

These findings serve to highlight the demographic challenges that lie ahead as the world ages.  Follow the link below and take a few minutes to watch the video on ageing in Europe.  As always, IAHSA looks forward to reading your thoughts.

Video on Ageing in Europe

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