A recent piece in the United States’ National Public Radio (NPR) highlights the most recent album release by Jamaican group The Jolly Boys.  The group, made up entirely of septuagenarians, is best known for playing mento, “a bawdy style of party music” that is similar, but preceded, “Jamaica’s more famous musical export, reggae.”  However, NPR notes that the new album’s “main attraction … is hearing the tried-and-true fare of aging rockers covered by still more aging Jamaican troubadours.”

The Jolly Boys have been performing together for more than  six decades and attest to the fact that talent does not disappear with age.  Take a few minutes to watch a short video on their story and their latest single, a rendition of Amy Winehouse’sRehab,” below.  As always, we look forward to reading your thoughts.