Feros Care Community Members and Employees

Every two years, IAHSA recognizes member organisations and individuals for programmes and services that are models of innovation and excellence through the IAHSA Excellence in Ageing Services Award. This year’s award recipient is Australian Feros Care, for the implementation of their Community Care Gateway Programme.

The Community Care Gateway Programme has created a single point of entry to Feros Care’s community services. It has significantly simplified service access, delivery, logistics and administration by routing all information through one super hub, which serves as Feros Care’s organisational backbone.  Today, referrals and communications from clients, families, staff, referral agencies, service providers, health professionals and funding bodies travel seamlessly through the gateway and all management and administration systems are auctioned centrally.  This has allowed Feros Care to efficiently serve a 1,000km area, located between Port Macquarie, New South Wales and Bundaberg, Queensland. This one-stop-shop gateway is also the avenue through which Feros Care has started implementing smart home technology for use in the homes of senior Australians.

Having saved over $1,000,000 annually, decreased travel costs by 50% and increased available direct care hours by 25%, the Community Care Gateway Programme has allowed Feros Care to provide ageing services that make a difference in a modern and affordable way. This fact led our team of judges to conclude that Feros Care “has demonstrated the importance of community care, and that the combination of human and e-resources was an excellent model for replication in other communities.”

Feros Care will officially receive its 2011 Excellence in Ageing Services Award during the IAHSA Global Ageing Conference/LeadingAge Annual Meeting, to be held 16-19 October, 2011 in Washington, DC, USA. During the ceremony, attendees will be able to learn more about this groundbreaking programme, as well as about the innovations developed by these year’s citation of honor winners: Canada’s Schlegel Villages, for their Working Together to Put Living First and the Netherlands’ Swinhove Group, for Supporting Elderly in the Community.  Our three honorees represent the latest innovations in ageing services programmes and projects that provide an outstanding benefits to the people they serve.

IAHSA looks forward to welcoming all our members to Washington this fall to celebrate Feros Care’s achievement. To register to attend the Conference, click here.