I’m sure that you have often heard the quote “Laughter is the best medicine” – indeed, much research has been done on the impact of laughter on people’s health and well-being.   In the UK, Silver Comedy is taking that to a whole new level by visiting aged care facilities and bringing comedy and laughter to the halls and community rooms.    Click here to learn more about their programs and the impact on the elders they visit.

If there are similar organizations in your country, please tell us about them.

Silver Comedy’s mission is:

* to create a variety of opportunities for older people to become actively involved in comedy
* to support the needs of older people by using comedy for educational or therapeutic purposes

* to increase intergeneratonal contact by enabling older people to have fun alongside other age  groups
* to use comedy to consider issues that impact on the lives of older people
* to enable other organisations to use comedy to help counteract social isolation amongst older people
* to provide a training network to develop older people’s individual talent for comedy