How can you address the double challenge facing European countries:  population ageing with the risk of labour shortages as baby boomers retire and the delay in arrival of young people to the labour market???

To meet these challenges, the European Commission recently published It’s Time To Manage Age, a report that defines objectives for 2020 for Member States to set up strategies to develop new skills and jobs to modernise the labour market while ensuring the employability of workers throughout their lives.   In order to be successful, it will be important to encourage businesses to take a steps to correct current employment practices so that there are opportunities for older workers.

To promote age diversity, businesses must set up a human resource policy that prevents discrimination.  To guarantee the employability of an older workforce, businesses have to commit to a management policy for all ages, which nurtures their employees’ know-how, develops their skills regardless of their age, promotes cooperation between generations and looks to improve work conditions.

Today’s trends point to the new reality of employment.  New workforce solutions will be needed to meet the needs of the older worker and businesses seeking skilled and experienced workers.  The time has come to value age diversity in the workforce.