“Embed a national ageing agenda in Australia” is the bold vision set out in a recent report by the Australian Treasurer’s Advisory Panel on the Economic Potential of Senior Australians.    Entitled Realizing the Economic Potential of Senior Australians, the report looks forward to 2050 with a heavy focus on active ageing with recommendations to turn grey into gold.

The far-reaching report goes beyond ideas to fight age discrimination and keep older workers in the workforce, into policy suggestions on encouraging lifelong learning and increasing the availability of age-appropriate affordable housing.

IAHSA recognizes the importance of having affordable housing for our seniors and is partnering with the LeadingAge Center of Applied Research on a study tour in New England focusing on bringing health and supportive services to affordable senior housing communities.   For governments with the vision as demonstrated by this report, this could be a cost-effective strategy for helping low-income older people age in place even as they struggle with frailty, disability and chronic illness.    The study tour takes place 10-15 September 2012 and will visit sites in Massachusetts and Vermont in the US.