In a recent survey, Age UK found that English councils reduced spending on pensioners by around 8% in comparison with the past year. The director of Age UK, Michelle Mitchell, stated that “funding for social care is already inadequate and the system today is failing many older people at the time when they really need help.”

In an interview with the Guardian, Ms. Mitchell argued that “care is in crisis and is getting worse”. In the past year many care councils have increased charges for services such as daily care, meals on wheels and transport to day centres.

This comes in the same year that inflation in the UK has hovered around 5%, putting pressure on pensioners and the government. Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said that the government had allocated £7.2bn to councils for the next four years. In a statement released to the press, Mr Burstow expressed that “there was no justification for cutting services for the vulnerable” since “the money is there”.

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