2012 marks the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. According to the World Health Organization, the determinants of active ageing include social determinants, the physical environment, behavioral determinants, economic determinants and health and social services.  The WHO has called on service providers, policy makers and society at large to support active ageing by championing older people’s participation in society, by promoting health for all, and by enhancing security for seniors.

One of the possibilities for promoting participation is to allow people to remain in the workforce for longer. Another option is to support volunteer programs that allow seniors to share their knowledge and expertise with businesses and nongovernmental organizations that need their insight. Permitting seniors to play an active role in society helps seniors avoid boredom and strengthens self-efficacy. During 2012, the European Union will seek to broaden seniors’ engagement and strengthen younger people’s understanding of the important role that active ageing plays in maintaining social balance. How does your organization plan to support the Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity?