IAHSA congratulates the Association of Housing for the Elderly in Denmark on a productive 2011! We recently received an update on their activities. This past year they rebuild several of their care homes including Birkebo in Helsingor and an expansion of the Margarethe Hjemmet facility in Roskilde. The facility in Helsingor is located near wooded areas and offers stunning views from Birkebo across the Sound to Sweden. The Association also plans to build a senior community in 2012 that will house 40 modern apartments for seniors. The design  creates a state of the art facility that will open its doors in 2013. The general manager of the Association of Housing for the Elderly in Denmark, Henrik Nord, says that his organization’s success would not be possible without the devotion and hard work of more than 1.000 staff members who keep their facilities running. “Their commitment brings quality of life and joy to our seniors,” he says. How does your staff contribute to the contentment of your residents? Leave us a comment or send your story to iahsa@leadingage.org. We look forward to hearing from you!