Like many countries in Europe, the U.S. is feeling fiscal pain and the legislature has responded by taking measures to reduce spending on Medicare (the program that provides healthcare to America’s aged). As a part of reductions, congress passed a law that limited the amounts of physiotherapy the elderly could receive. Advocates and pensioners responded in protest, and at the end of 2011, Congress passed legislation that would allow exemption of this rule based on medical need. However, this alternation of the law will expire on February 29, and seniors would once again be unable to receive all of the therapy they may need to stay healthy and independent.

LeadingAge urges American members of IAHSA to call 855-218-2109 today and ask Congress to continue the exceptions process beyond Feb. 29.

What American Can Tell Congress
“I am calling about the payroll tax and Medicare payment legislation that is in conference. Please continue the exceptions process for therapy caps. Many frail seniors are depending on you to protect their ability to receive the full amount of therapy they need to help them recover from serious injury or illness.”

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