What will retirement villages look like in the future?

That was the question students in Virginia, USA were challenged to answer this past year. The request was made by Friendship Retirement Community, a care home that plans to expand in 2012. Friendship Retirement wanted to see what solutions youth would find to promote active ageing and independence. The project allows the young people to gain valuable experience and the home to benefit from innovative designs. Considerations in designing the facility include walking as a mode of transportation, developing shops that can be distributed throughout the grounds to stimulate the local economy, creating a reasonably priced facility, and including a variety of settings for sport and activities. Jim Jones, university professor at the Center for High Performance Learning Environments of Virginia Technical University said that the experience allow students to design something new, as well as test out existing knowledge.    Friendship Retirement Community plans to incorporate the best ideas and designs into its final blueprint for 34 apartments to be constructed in the coming months.