The National Dignity Council, through its Dignity in Care campaign promotes dignity for people in care homes, and works to ensure that they are treated as individuals, are given choices, and are provided with stimulating activities. To accomplish this task, the Dignity Council has recruited over 35,000 dignity champions across the UK. Champions speak out about the importance of dignity and strive to improve the way that social care is organised and delivered. You can become a dignity champion and participate in this community through forums on the Council’s website. The web forum is an ideal place to discuss best practices and offer moral support to other carers. The Council’s vision is ‘Dignity in the heart, mind and actions,- underscoring not only the importance of believing in dignity, but also acting to improve dignity in care. You can join in tomorrow’s action day and share with others how you plan to contribute at their website:

Resident raises a glass at a dinner sponsored by a Dignity Action Group at Acacia House Nursing Home in Horndean, Hampshire