The University of Auckland recently launched a trial on the use of “healthbots” (robots used in health care) at the Selwyn retirement village in New Zealand.  The study will evaluate the extent to which robots are able to assist seniors and care home staff. There are different types of robots that are programmed to perform various tasks with names such as Friend, Guide Paro, iRobiQ and Cafero. Some robots have interactive touch screens that allow residents to easily Skype with loved ones, read the news, or see a weather forecast. Different models perform the tasks of collecting hearth beat and blood pressure readings and are able to remind residents to take their medications.

The project is a collaborative effort between the Uniservices division of the University of Auckland and the Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute of Korea and is jointly financed by the governments of Korea and New Zealand. To learn more about the study click here.

Photo courtesy of Uniservices at the University of Auckland