The government of Hong Kong recently revealed plans to support elders as they age in place. The four-year pilot scheme will provide vouchers to the elderly to help them cover the cost of services they need. The government hopes that by directly providing payments to the elderly, they will choose the services that they most desire and enjoy. They also theorize that the elderly may prompt the delivery of different types of services, spurring greater efficiency and diversity in the services that the aged can receive at home. The proposed value of the vouchers would be a flat rate and be distributed to seniors with moderate impairment. The government also plans to make improvements to 250 community centres for the elderly to improve service delivery capacity over the next six years.

The vouchers and the centres are to function as part of a wrap-around service plan that includes public transportation, social welfare schemes, community care places and residential care places. You can read the full story here.

Photo courtesy and Stuart Miles