The government of Switzerland has recently unveiled plans to construct a mock 1950’s village for people living with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. The proposed village will be worth approximately 20 million Euros and will be constructed close to Wiedlisbach near Born. The village will be able to house about 150 residents in 1950’s style houses. The architects purposely developed a design to invoke the atmosphere of the era.  The building plans call for no closed doors so that residents will be able to move about freely. The carers will also participate in the effort to resurrect the 1950’s by dressing in typical garb of shopkeepers, beauticians, and groundskeepers of the era.

Markus Vögtlin, the Swiss entrepreneur behind the construction says that he struck upon the idea after visiting the Hogeway nursing home in Holland. Proponents of the model argue that reinventing the past can help Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers have a greater sense of normalcy during the advanced stages of the disease. Detractors argue that the model is deceptive and inefficient. Interested in learning more about alternatives in Alzheimer’s and dementia care? Why not join us on our study tour in California this year?

Kitchen at Hogeway Care Home, Holland