In the fall of 2011 AARP International teamed up with former Mexican president Vicente Fox and the Rand Corporation to examine issues Mexico will face as it undergoes demographic transition. Like many other low and middle-income countries, a large percentage of Mexico’s labour force works in the informal sector and doesn’t have protection of social insurance schemes.  As access to basic sanitation and health care have expanded, people are able to live longer, but may continue to work until they develop physical incapacity in order to maintain some type of income. Overall, the report estimates that the percentage of people over age 65 will increase by 232% by 2040 and that a total of 250 million people will be over age 65 and not be covered by either a pension or health scheme.  The Mexican government is working to expand social protections and increase awareness of the rights of  older people. Check out this video documenting achievements and successes to date.