The executive director of IAHSA, Katie Smith Sloan, recently visited the United Nations to participate in the Fiftieth Session of the Commission for Social Development. This year’s priority theme was the eradication of poverty. Topics that were examined included public institution arrangements for ageing, the human rights of older people, social service and social protection, and research and training. Throughout the developed and developing world, poverty among elderly person is a pressing issue.  Governments face the challenge of providing pensions to a growing portion of the population.  Ageing in place through the provision of services and supports at the residential level is an objective that is being examined by policymakers.  The Commission is pushing for a convention on the human rights of aged persons; however, ratification of such a convention is expected to be challenging. While progress has been made since the formation of the Madrid Plan of Action, much work remains to be done throughout the world to facilitate active ageing and wellbeing in the elderly.