Ageing in place is a concept that is frequently discussed, but yet not all organizations are taking steps to make it possible. Losing the ability to drive is a main push factor that causes rural seniors to have to move. There are a variety of ways that this problem can be overcome. Organisations can offer shuttle bus services for seniors;  buses pick seniors up and transport them to grocery stores or day centres. Offering the service to multiple clients can keep prices reasonable for seniors while still being profitable for the organization. Alternately some organisations have organized volunteer driver programs. Using community based volunteers with autos, individuals pick up the senior and drive them to their activity or errand. Organizations charge the elder a small fee for this service to cover the cost of background checks on the driver and coordinating the driving schedule.  Delivering services at home through information and communications technologies is another manner to overcome transportation issues.  Examples of this include physiotherapy delivered through Skype sessions or vital sign monitoring transmitted to a nurse through a telehealth unit. Looking for more great ideas to incorporate into your homecare service? Join us on our Housing with Services tour this fall to see how Peter Sanborn Place, Hebrew Senior Life, and Cathedral Square keep their clients safe, healthy and engaged in the comfort of their own homes.

Photo courtesy of  Johnny Söderbergs nya