Gogolympics offers an opportunity for grandmothers to get out of the house and have some fun. The activity also encourages physical activity and bonding among the older women.  This was the second annual Gogolympics and thousands in KwaZulu-Natal attended the event to watch the  women compete for a gold trophy.

The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust sponsored the event. Their mission is to serve women whose families are affected by HIV/AIDs, typically women who have lost a child to the disease and now care for their grandchildren. The trust has 31 small “gogo support groups” with 1400 grannies as members. Chief executive of the Centre, Olivia Myeza, described the event as “a huge success,” and expressing gratitude to sponsors such as the Stephen Lewis Foundation, the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Sport and Recreation and the Light Providers Youth Club.

Sister Cwengekile Myeni, the nursing manager at the Trust, said the grandmothers participated in skills development and stress alleviation activities at the centre. The grannies have formed partnerships with other grannies and are able to speak about the plight of South African gogos.”