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IAHSA is off to London for the 8th International Conference!
Follow along with all the conference activities on the Leadership Beyond Borders blog.

For all of you traveling to the conferece we will see you on Sunday 19 July!

Posts to the Global Ageing Network blog will resume after the conference on July 27th.



We are just 6 weeks away from the IAHSA conference in London!  Listen to IAHSA’s Chairman of the Board, Alex Tranter,  as he shares why London is the place to be this July.  You can still regsiter for this fantastic educational and networking event at If you are already joining us – then help spread the word and we will see you there.

Did you know that IAHSA is also keeping a blog for our upcoming conference in London? Catch up on our new speakers, sessions and conference events. There is also great information on how you can SAVE on flights, hotels, and transportation.

We will also be blogging from the conference! Even if you can’t join us we will continue to post things to the blog and the site. Right now there are many resources at for you and your staff. Take a minute to browse the session abstracts and see what attendees will be hearing about.

Let us know how you would like to follow along in London! We are up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Del.ic.ious.

My grandmother may have trouble remembering how many spoons of sugar she put in her morning coffee but when it comes to recounting tales from her childhood her mind is as sharp as ever.  I love sitting with her at the kitchen table hearing stories of my great, great grandparents and and I know how lucky I am that she can recall these wonderful nuggets of family history.  But it might not always be this way and for me and many families, capturing this history is a race against time and Alzheimer’s.

But this is where a unique organization called StoryCorps comes in.  StoryCorps is the umbrella organization for the Memory Loss Initiative.  They dispatch specially trained technicians and recording equipment for anyone to use — free of charge.  Since StoryCorps began in 2003, more than 35,000 people have shared their story.

You can visit their Web site and hear stories from across the nation. You can also find out how to record the stories of your loved ones.  What a fantastic way to keep the memories of our elders alive and well for generations to come.

It was an exciting day for the Royal Hospital Chelsea as Prince Charles and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher came to open their new building – The Thatcher Infirmary. The Prince and Baroness Thatcher greeted the Royal Hospital’s famous residents – the Chelsea pensioners.

In addition to supporting the pensioners who currently reside here, the Royal Hospital is  in talks with the Ministry of Defense to use the new Infirmary to provide care for service personnel injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

IAHSA will be hosting a facility tour to the Royal Hospital Chelsea during the 8th International Conference. We will also be conducting a post occupancy evaluation of the building with findings presented in session 15-B. For more information on the conference please visit

We are proud to announce the return of the International Design for Ageing Symposium & Showcase – a survey and exhibit of the state-of-the-art and trends in senior living from around the world.

The Global Ageing Network is a unique forum for designers and aged care providers worldwide to share innovations in senior living design and programming. IAHSA provides the opportunity for multinational, comparative analysis of trends and developments in design for ageing, including responses to specific historical, cultural, and regulatory contexts, along with senior market preferences ranging from “traditional” residential design to modernism.

Design firms are invited to submit one project each that represents their contribution to the field of senior living through a simple Call for Entries process. Submissions will be analyzed by a multinational, multidisciplinary team, with findings presented at the International Design for Ageing symposium.

Firms submitting projects will have an additional opportunity to display project design boards during the conference at the Design for Ageing Showcase, located in a central area at the conference centre, for the benefit of design firms and attendees alike.

Dates to Remember:

17 February Call for Entries
30 April Call for Entries Submission Deadline
19-22 July IAHSA 8th International Conference in London

IAHSA members are ambassadors for new and innovative ideas to ageing services providers around the world.  This year they will gather in London for the 8th International Conference for three days of networking and education.  But IAHAS members reach out and are leaders beyond borders all year long.  Last year  four members were featured in a FutureAge article “One Voice, Many Futures”. The pieced corresponded with AAHSA’s Annual meeting and focused on visions, possibilities and fears, and trends that ageing services leaders see as most important during the next 10 to 20 years. Greg Mundy, Klaus Zimmerman, Rod Young and Des Kelly, all IAHSA members, shared their thoughts on topics like consumer trends, changing demographics, financing and organizational mission.  And they will all be in London to continue discussing these and other important issues with the IAHSA membership.  We hope to see you there!

To help meet the growing demands of an ageing population, Japan is looking beyond its borders for qualified caregivers.  In an arrangement with the Philippine government, Japan hopes to find 1,000 qualified health workers over the next two years.  Free language classes are offered to applicants who complete the first 10 steps of the application process.  This helps prepare them to take the licensure examination in Japanese.  This program is one of the highlights on the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement which went into effect last December.  Its a mutually beneficial arrangement that gives an opportunity to people in the Philippines and ensures that the needs of Japan’s elderly are being met.  A great example of positive international collaboration!

It appears that caregiving is no longer just a woman’s job.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association and the National Alliance for Caregiving, men are stepping up and taking responsibility for the care of the elderly and children. In fact, men now make up 40 percent of family-care providers – up from 19 percent in a 1996 study. And about 17 million men are specifically taking care of an older adult.  Unfortunatley, men still feel some conflict between caregiving and breadwinning.  In a survey of Furtune 500 companies it was found that men were less likely to use employee-assistance programs because they feared that their need would be held against them.  It’s important that we supoprt caregivers and reassure them that the services they are providing to family, friends and neighbors is valued and respected – no matter who is doing the caring.

Most of us can agree that it’s a good thing people all over the world are living longer.  The number of people over the age of 65 is expected to double in the next 25 years!  But how does society adjust to a population that is getting older?  In his new book, The Age of Aging: How Demographics Are Changing the Global Economy and Our World, George Mangus explores the challenges of global ageing .  He states that “Ageing is not a problem like climate change or global poverty. Nevertheless there are costs to reckoned with…”  IAHSA members are keenly aware of both the challenges and opportunities that global ageing presents.  They have developed innovative programmes to help improve the quality of care society provides to its elders.  You can learn about some of these stand-out programes on the IAHSA Web site.

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