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Recently on Twitter, one of our followers asked if there was a resource for global age-friendly cities.  Well now there is! A new website has been launched this week to showcase the Age-friendly world.

Organized by the World Health Organization and International Federation on Ageing (IFA) this e-portal will become a central resources for developing, maintaining and improving Age-friendly cities.

This site is aimed at the general public and is free and easy to use, learn, share and discuss.  Just register and join a group that interests you.

The site sheds light on facts and figures, news-worthy updates, and allows you to engAGE in dialogue and discussions on any topic of interest.

For example, did you know that WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities has 103 members across 18 countries worldwide?  This site is a great means of keeping up-to-date on what’s going on across borders. What better way to help the elderly than by sharing ideas and insights.

Check out the new site and start a discussion.

Sister Cities of LOS ANGELES

[Photo Credit: prayitno, Flickr]

Recently Business Week published the results of a study by A.T. Kearney listing the world’s most global cities, weighing financial as well as cultural and political influence.

Number 2 of the 12 is London, site of IAHSA’s 8th International Conference in July 2009.

Here’s what they say about London:
“The erstwhile imperial city on the Thames was once the British Empire’s seat of power, with sway over a quarter of the world’s population. Today, though London holds no sovereign claim over its former colonies, the city’s legal, linguistic, and literary influence still resonates in the far corners of the globe. Besides ranking first for its numbers of international travelers and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with global reach, London also ranks second in the world for attracting foreign students to its elite universities, for hosting international sporting events, for its number of think tanks, and for the number and quality of its museums. It is also strongly situated as a center of higher education, diplomacy, and finance.”

Mark your calendars today – 19-22 July 2009.

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