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My photography project evolved from a good idea into an amazing journey. I knew I would enjoy taking pictures of the elder residents of Frasier Meadows, but I had no idea the special gifts this experience would give me. After every shoot I would be inspired by each resident and their willingness to share their talents with me as I shared my talent with them.

–Heidi Wagner

Heidi Wagner, a professional photographer and Exercise Therapist at Frasier Meadows in Boulder, Colorado, embarked on a photographic journey she titled The Passions Project.  Heidi began to capture the love for life, talent, art and adventure of the many talented residents at Frasier Meadows.

Heidi took nearly 100 photos of each resident, who then got to select their own final picture.  The residents were invited to come to Heidi with interest in having their photograph taken and the collection in black and white really captures the big hearts of the people willing to share their life passions.

There is Clint Heiple on his motorcycle, Pat Doughty with the masks she makes, Bill Ardourel playing the mandolin and many more inspiring images.  Each photo is accompanied by a quote from the resident.

The project came together in a collection of photographs which will be displayed at the LeadingAge Annual meeting in Denver, October 21-24, 2012.  IAHSA will offer several international sessions and an IAHSA reception.  To register for the event, please visit the conference registration page.

To view some of the photos, visit The Passions Project blog page.

Betty [Credit: Heidi Wagner Photography]

Quality. Such a simple, yet complex concept. The level of quality is what makes the difference for everything, whether it’s food service, schooling or ageing services.

Quality of life incorporates so many aspects of life and if you don’t have a high quality of life, everything else is difficult. When you throw in old age and/or poor health, quality of life becomes extremely important. That’s where My Home Life comes in.

My Home Life is an innovative programme based in the United Kingdom. It is a programme designed to optimise life in care homes based on the following eight practice themes.

* Managing transitions
* Maintaining identity
* Creating community
* Sharing decision-making
* Improving health & healthcare
* Supporting good end-of-life
* Keeping workforce fit for purpose
* Promoting a positive culture

You can find out more about the themes here.

I have the pleasure of working with a leader from My Home Life on a presentation for AAHSA’s annual meeting in Chicago, USA. I look forward to learning more about the programme then. If you are in Chicago, please stop by the session. If you aren’t, let me know if you have any comments or questions I can pass along.

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